If you’re a newbie or a long time player here are some tricks you could use in playing with slot machines. As always we encourage you to have fun but be sure to always make sure to play with a budget. Be willing to stop playing or lower your bet if you’re at the end of your budget. This will help you from overspending and in turn force you not to rely too much on loans and debts to gamble some more.

Number One: Choosing The Right Strategy

This is because luck has so little to do with how you best strategize in making more money. Different types of slots focus on different types of winning. If you are interested in jackpots then we suggest you play with Three –Reel slot machines because they put lots of emphasis on big wins but with more failing spins.  But if you’re the type who wants to extend play and don’t mind small wins then video slots are for you.

Number Two: Bet High When Playing Progressive Slots

Why? Because slot machines that are progressive tend to rely on how much you are paying for gambling. The payoff consequentially coincides with how much you’re willing to bet on. The bigger you bid, the higher the probability you might go home with a large jackpot.

Number Three: Take The Front Rows

This is a popular theory because by making the customers who are sitting in the corner more visible through their jackpot win at slots. This allows interested customers, to see that they can also win in jackpots. And so if you see a vacant corner don’t hesitate it then just living.

Number Four: The String Theory Never Works

The String Theory is when someone ties a string to a coin and after placing them in the slot they immediately pull it out. Most of the people who do this are doing it in order to save money. But be warned that one individual was caught doing this in a casino and was severely punished for her actions. Nowadays, companies are finding a lot of ways of making sure to minimize scams.

Number Five: Don’t Cheat With Magnets

Here is another exam of cheating and scam in which the play uses a magnet in order for the reels to get a jackpot. This was prevalent during the 1960s-1970s because at that time slot machines were defenseless to magnets. Recently, they develop top-bottom machinery in which they would lower a wire into the slot machine rule which would then activate the coin dispenser. The player would then be free to play unlimited games.


When playing the slot machine, you should consider a lot of things like your budget, what type of slot machine would best suit you, and never cheat. Despite the slot machine being over hundreds of years old, the game is very popular because of its concept of chance and luck. But like any other game, strategies a very important in order for you to reap out the best results and hopefully this article had helped you. See article, How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine here.