Online Slots vs Roulette

In casino games, the two of them, are considered the most popular. Video slots is reported for bringing the biggest revenue share to any casino, but most gamblers also like spending their money on roulette. There are players who prefer slots and the ones who like...

Guidelines and Hints in playing Slot Machines

If you’re an amateur or a long-term participant here are some hints you may use in gambling with slot machines. As always, we encourage you to have amusing however make...

The average person with no gaming experience will probably tell you that online slots are so popular because players are chasing all the big jackpots. But perhaps surprisingly, the chance of winning massive $ 1,000,000 jackpots is not really what motivates players – though you make no mistake – everyone wants to be the next big winner!

When we ask players what they are looking for in their online gambling experience, most people will immediately say that they are looking for fun. Slot One Entertainment fans are keen to enjoy themselves and sign up for high-quality gaming.

We’re already adding some of the best new online slots games to add to the site each month. One of the things we like to do is to listen to our players and hear what they are looking for in a first class slots or instant win game. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on any of the following topics, we would be happy to hear from you – just add a comment, email us or talk to us on Facebook. It’s your input, feedback and ideas that help us make Slot One Entertainment such a great website!

Game Design and Software

Microgaming and NetEnt are the major providers of gambling software and online slots developers. Microgaming has been around for over two decades and was one of the pioneers of online gaming. They have the way in terms of graphics and game quality to the point where they have often dominated the industry. NetEnt is another big name in the world of slots and casino games and their games have a good reputation excellence.

The two gaming software giants may not have it long in their own way. There are some very intelligent new kids on the gambling block and they are out to prove themselves. One of them is the Stockholm-based ELK Studios, which is responsible for some very popular new games at Prime Slots: Electric Sam and Bloopers are two new slots games that have received a great reaction from players.

Even more than ELK Studios, NYX Gaming has been very busy impressing slots fans. The New Games section of the lobby is also owned by NYX Gaming this spring. They have flashed their rivals with slots games like Bars and Bells, Chilli Gold, Double Devil, Miss Midas, and a few others. NetEnt had big hits with Jungle Spirit and Hansel and Gretel, but they have to get a bit nervous. We expect to see some late nights in their design studios this month …

Wild, Scatter, Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

There are two things that players really like to see in games; One is cash prizes, the other is additional features that allow them to continue playing. Luckily, our software designers understand this and most new games come packed with free spins and bonus rounds (they would be hard pressed to find an online slots game that does not have wild and stray ones).

It’s really frustrating to pay to spin a fruit machine, watch the rolls go around once and … nothing. If this happens regularly, most players will take their spins elsewhere. The fun starts when the game starts to hit you with surprises that draw you into the action. It’s great to suddenly win 10 free spins or the chance to double your money in the bonus round. 

We mentioned earlier that players are not motivated by jackpots, as some outsiders expect. But we all still dream of meeting the big guy, and it’s all in the back of everyone’s mind when they play. The idea of what you would do if you win a million is a popular daydream and knowing that someone will be a jackpot winner is tempting.

Most players are happy to win many cash prizes and enjoy their gaming experience on a daily basis. It’s a lot of fun to spin the reels for just a few pennies and a few pounds of iron. But even a relatively small bet can suddenly turn into a pretty big payoff. Many players win thousands of pounds each month from stakes of just a few pounds.