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How do Starburst free spins work?

A lot of online casino websites usually give out these free spins as rewards. These free spins can be used to get started on playing Starburst. If you have 10 free spins, that means you get 10 rounds of Starburst. You could get up to 100 or more free spins which gives you 100 free attempts at winning the jackpot in Starburst. Although some websites usually convert your wins during free spins into bonuses and not cash, there are few websites which will let you win actual money even if you’re playing using the free spins they’ve rewarded you with.

Rewards Categories

A lot of websites offer various types of rewards in the form of free spins. One of the most common free spins reward is the welcome bonus. You’ll be getting free spins just by creating an account on their website. You can also get two types of rewards depending on the money that you’ll deposit initially. The no deposit reward gives you a few initial free spins even without a cash deposit. The second one is a free spins reward that shall be given to you after depositing a minimum amount of money. You can also get free spins after playing for a minimum amount of time or number of spins.

Free Spins No Wager

Free spins without wagering anything is absolutely the best type of free spins reward. It means that you get to keep whatever you’ll be able to win using the free spins. Some websites require you to spend a minimum amount of money while playing Starburst before releasing all the money you’ve won with the games you played using those initial free spins. But no wager features in free spins rewards allow you  to withdraw your winnings with no conditions to fulfill first.

Find up to 100 free spins with No Deposit

You probably know by now that there’s a lot of online casino gaming websites to choose from. Almost every single site has a free spins offer, promo codes, and coupons to attract players. You can look for these promos by browsing through different casino websites and by constantly looking for updates on their rewards and offers. You can get up to 100 free spins upon account creation in some of those websites. You just need to research quite extensively and utilize your internet skills to find those much-needed free spins. It won’t be easy but it wouldn’t hurt to try your luck in locating an abundance of free spins.

Follow These Simple Steps To Claim Your Bonus!

There are several steps to follow before getting your hands on that free spins reward. Of course, you’ll have to create an account on the website of your choice. There are so many websites to choose from which offer free spins. Make sure to correctly input all the necessary personal information including your payment details and a working email address. The next step is verification–your email address and payment method will be verified before giving you the free spins. If the website asks for it, you’ll also have to make an initial deposit before you can start playing. Once everything’s complete, you’ll be able to claim your bonus of free spins.



Once you’ve successfully claimed your free spins, there’s no time to waste. Try your luck as soon as those free spins become available for your consumption. Using your free spins, you can play as much as you want until you eventually understand how the online casino game works. Once you get the hang of it, those free spins will surely be used up in no time. But don’t worry, there are still so many ways to get free spins rewards, as previously mentioned in this post. Be patient and keep on the lookout for new free spins promos. You’ll surely have a great time playing this amazing game of Starburst with your free spins.


New Player

Using your free spins upon registration, this is the simplest way to play Starburst. This game features 5 reels and 10 paylines to play across. The player can alter the number of lines to be used, the coins size, and the bet amount. The player may use the left and right arrows next to the options to change the bet amounts- it can be increased or decreased according to your will. After doing the necessary changes that you’d like, all you have to do is hit the spin button to begin the game. There’s also a special feature called Autoplay which can run the reels for a specific set number of turns or until the player was able to activate the Expanding Wilds.


Symbols and Wilds

The Expanding Wilds, which play an important role in maximizing your winnings, come in the form of a bright, rainbow-colored starburst symbol. It only appears in the second, third, or fourth reels. It usually substitutes for all the other symbols in a player’s winning combination. The player immediately gets a free spin when the Expanding Wilds appear. It locks down an entire reel and spreads across the whole thing. There’s also a chance for Expanding Wilds to reappear on the two consecutive spins which will give you a total of three free spins. Through the appearance of Expanding Wilds, you might actually win the highest jackpot in Starburst- even just by playing using your free spins.


Minimum and Maximum Bets

This game is awesome because you can place a bet for as low as €0.10. It’s not a bad choice since you’ll practically have nothing to lose which makes it really low risk. And with the use of free spins, it basically has no risks at all. The downside is you’ll be getting just a small amount of money once you’ve won. On the other hand, the highest possible bid is €100. You’ll be able to win a serious amount of money but the risks are much higher. You could lose a lot of money in just one spin, so it’s best to bet somewhere in the middle where you can win a lot of money but not lose too much of it either. It’s best to use the free spins to know your way around this game.



There are a number of ways to generate free re-spins while playing Starburst. One popular way is through the appearance of Expanding Wilds. You could get up to three free re-spins at a time when Expanding Wilds appear on your combination.


Mega Jackpot

You could win a serious amount of money just by playing Starburst. It might be quite shocking but you could actually get up to £50,000 in a single line win– even with only your free spins. Since it has a two-way method of winning, you could easily double that amount in no time! The game has surprise features inside, including the Wilds, which can help you maximize your chances of winning. Though this might be quite a reach, it might actually be easier to win than to lose because of Starburst’s winning features. With the use of the free spins, you could definitely maximize your winning potential.

How to Win

Here are some facts and ideas regarding Starburst that might just help you win that jackpot even with just your free spins.

  • The fast cycle and low volatility of the online casino game.
  • With the use of spins and maximum bet buttons, you can try changing cycles which is a pretty good strategy.
  • The dispersion of winning can be explained by the number of people playing Starburst at the same time.

Starburst Slots Design

This online casino slot game has a beautiful retro theme. Starburst’s design was inspired by the 80’s version of the actual slot machine. It adds sophistication and fun factor to the game. How it looks makes Starburst even more exciting to play- so those free spins really come in handy. It’s also known to have a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for newbies to navigate through. It’s perfect for the technologically challenged individuals who want to try online casino games without all the intricacies of the usual game applications. With the free spins, newbie players will have a lot of time to learn how to play Starburst and increase their chances of winning the amazing cash prizes.


Gains and Return Rate

This incredibly appealing online casino game has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage of 96.1%. That payout rate is quite high when compared to other online casino games. During usual or regular spins, the payout rate is 68.7% which is in itself impressive. When it comes to re-spins, its RTP of 27.4% is also not bad at all. Its probability statistics is also good. When it comes to usual spins, the probability of hitting any wins is at 22.7%. On the other hand, the probability of triggering the re-spins feature and getting wild symbols is at 8.4% or on every 12th spin.


Starburst touch slots on mobile

Fortunately for everyone who’s interested in Starburst, this popular online casino game can now be downloaded on the Google Play App Store and the Apple App Store. It works perfectly for the majority of Android and Apple devices including smartphones, iPads, and tablets. The gaming quality is almost the same as the desktop version. You can give it a try using the free spins that you’ll be getting. You can now play Starburst anywhere you want and anytime you feel like it. Now that it’s much more accessible, there are more and more reasons to try your luck playing Starburst with your free spins.


How to get the most out of the game?

This is a pretty tricky question. Of course, you want to win real money but you also want to have a good time. This game is absolutely interesting but it’s pointless to play frequently without winning even once. It’s also not quite right to play solely for the money- where’s the fun in that?

The only trick to get the most out of the game is to formulate a perfect balance between leisure and winning. You must bet according to your winnings. Never do an all-out bet where the risk is greatest and make sure the casino allows you to play from your country. You have to strike a balance between the amount you bet and the amount you’re consistently winning or losing.


Online Casino Games

The online casino game industry is currently on the rise. There are hundreds, even thousands of games to choose from. It’s not surprising at all since money and games make a great combination. Who wouldn’t like to play these cool games if you could get real money each time you win? It’s even better since most of the websites give out free spins to new users. Out of all of the online slot games, Starburst is by far one of the most popular. Probably one of the reasons for its immense popularity is the huge number of free spins available to every player and on every casino website. It’s because those free spins rewards are especially helpful when a player is just getting started on the game, and thus draws more and more new players to try it out.


Claim hundreds of Free Spins & 35%
deposit Bonus at Unibet Casino

Claim hundreds of Free Spins & 35%
deposit Bonus at Unibet Casino

Claim hundreds of Free Spins & 35%
deposit Bonus at Unibet Casino

Beginner’s guide to playing casino online

The option to play your favourite games online is now more extensive than ever before. There’s an endless list of online casinos as we’re sure you’ve noticed. And the list grows without shame each year. It becomes vital to be imbued with the knowledge of which casino offers suit your needs best, whether through bonuses, game variety, and/or betting options. These fundamentals among a plethora of other elements that make a casino worthy of your time, money and effort will help you get the most out of your online experience.


With people’s lack of time in today’s rat race, the option of playing where and when the situation suits you is not so much seen as a luxury, but a must-have. Online casinos give you the power of choice. Now, you can choose when, what and where you play. The offer is a no-brainer: more freedom to move around your bets over a regular casino Another advantage: in some cases, the options under the decades-old question of ‘what to play?’ is phenomenal. The range of online slots, table games and live dealer games, such as live blackjack, is growing at a steady pace on a daily basis as more and more developers try to catch players’ attentions, and deeper pockets.


Knowing there are so many options available to us can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Check out our discerning reviews and critiques of everything online casino—from actual casino reviews to their bonus offers. We also offer our top picks in the category of your choice and we’re sure you’ll find a platform that suits your personality, game choice and funding options in no time.


Nearly all casinos offer tools and options to help you control your gaming experience. This means, the kind people behind these lucrative industries make an effort in ensuring you are relaxed and at ease whilst virtually sat at the slot machine or card table. Taking advantage of the deposit limit and weekly allowance options are definitely advisable when you first start out. Because hey, your online casino experience, whether the first time or not, should be about having fun and getting excited. So get those endorphins running, now!

Free Spins

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Walking wild Bonus

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Treasure hunt

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